Alarms and Notifications

Qlarm and it’s notification system helps you stay on top of critical events and issues that may occur within your system. It allows you to create custom alerts and notifications sent via email, SMS, or our mobile app.


Qlarm voice notification

Trends and Reports

Qlarm enables data annotations and collaboration through trends and reports that allow tracking and analyzing historical data. This feature enables making informed decisions based on trends, patterns, and other insights included in the reports.

Advanced Monitoring

The Qlarm Configurable Dashboards offer a customized system monitoring perspective. On-site technicians, or factory managers alike can now tailor their dashboards and make data-driven decisions. Qlarm offers a range of widgets to help achieve advanced monitoring, providingthe support from anything from (near) real-time operational, to mid- andlong-term analytical dashboards.

3rd Party Integration

Qlarm can integrate with third-party tools, resulting in consolidated data from multiple sources easier. This integration brings data into one place, enabling analysis and making informed decisions.

How it works?


Try It

Please get in touch with a request for trial. Getting started with a simulated organization and OPC UA server can help make the decision if this product’s implementation is the right fit for your organization. Our team offers assistance every step of the way.


Securely connect

If running on an OPC-UA-based system you would like to monitor, our Qlarm Edge Client works on Windows and Linux alike offering a secure connection. 


Select your dataOnce securely connected to your organization’s OPC UA Server or MQTT Broker, please subscribe to the data you would be interested in, defining what segments to be monitored and alerted on.


Monitor, Alert and ExploreQlarm continuously monitors data points according to the specified event trigger conditions. Such events are classified according to severity levels, multiple conditions and acknowledgment actions. Event and alarms offer notifications through multiple channels, devices and recipients. Trends and reports allow for the tracking and analysis of historical events, helping you understand how your system functions over time.


IntegrateQlarm can integrate with third-party back-ends and ERP applications via OData RESTful API. Our support team can help you integrate Qlarm within your organization.