Smart Alarm Notification for Industrial IoT

Qlarm turns alarm and operational management into actionable insights

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Unveiling Our Features

Extend Alarm Notification with actionable data-driven insights


Built on Web and cloud native technologies, serverless architecture.

Plug and play

Integrate easily with MQTT and OPC EA servers.


Easily customize alert triggering and drag and drop dashboard.

Powerful alarm engine

Granular selective alarming to multiple channels and destinations.

What is Qlarm

Qlarm is an intuitive IoT Hub - a multi-tenant application for Condition Monitoring, Intelligent Alarming & Notifications, Reporting, and Analytics. It is deployed in several industries, including: Energy, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Infrastructure. Qlarm is best suited for medium-sized sites, where simplicity, ease of use, and cost awareness are the main drivers.

Why Qlarm?

Qlarm is the optimal IoT solution due to its versatile features, scalability for future growth, robust security measures, and customizable options aligning with your specific business needs, while offering a competitive cost-benefit ratio.

Food retail

Qlarm is a game-changer in mitigating food waste in grocery stores. The platform's capability to promptly convert temperature deviations into actionable alerts and insights significantly enhances the efficiency of grocery stores operations, contributing to the reduction of food waste.

Electric Vessels

In electrified battery-powered vessels, Qlarm is employed to gather real-time data, encompassing energy discharge and charge power and time, voltages, temperatures, and more. The goal is to consistently monitor battery performance while preserving historical data for analysing lifecycle costs and benefits, such as CO2-emissions savings.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

In this particular use case, Qlarm serves as the central user interface and data logger for a carbon-capture test system. The cloud based Qlarm platform ensures secure monitoring, control, and notifications. It provides the operator with a comprehensive overview of the carbon-capture control system and its connected IIoTdevices. The operator gains valuable insights starting with dashboards and real-time monitoring, followed by in-depth trend and logs analysis and identification of root causes for any deviations. Furthermore, critical events can be promptly communicated through various channels, including email, SMS, voice calls, or app notifications.

wastewater treatment

To ensure continuous operations, Qlarm generates actionable insights and notifies specific personnel of events with a precise level of severity and urgency for resolution. Qlarm promotes the appropriate level of responsiveness and priority among technicians, thereby contributing to operational excellence. Anticipated shortages of additives in the treatment process can be predicted, guaranteeing uninterrupted remote and unmanned operations.